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Fear and Eating

April 23, 2015 Community
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Reporter Ali Budner joined the Dilena Takeyama Center tour of Fukushima to examine issues of food safety.

The Principal and his School

January 29, 2015 Community
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Toshihiko Takahama, principal of Toyoma Junior High School, talks in the gym of Toyoma High School about how the tsunami destroyed the school and the surrounding area. Residents of Toyoma are divided about whether to rebuild the school because of the painful memories of the tsunami. August 20, 2014.

Principal Takahara Toshihiko explains that families are torn over what to do about Tomoya Jr. High School.

Renewing Energy from Within

April 5, 2015 Community, Feature, Video
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Kaneko Eiko hopes to get people back on their feet and bring joy to their lives by teaching Radio Exercise to those in and out of temporary housing.

Soma’s “Rock Star”

April 4, 2015 Community
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Akira Fukuda is part of an effort by Fukushima residents, universities, and representatives to get rid of the stigma of radiation.

The Cafe Clerk

April 21, 2015 Community
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Takahashi Fujiko works at Ka-Chan No Chikara, a cafe and boutique started to benefit people who were evacuated from Iitate village.

The Doctor

January 21, 2015 Community
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A public health specialist warns that people are still dying in Fukushima Prefecture, but not from nuclear radiation.

The ‘Princess’

April 4, 2015 Community
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Meet Masako Matate: self-proclaimed princess, wife, mother of four and survivor of the Great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The Entrepreneur

April 17, 2015 Community
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Chiba Katsuichi is part of a wave of individuals trying to help rebuild Fukushima. They hope to tap the famed hot springs for new resources.

The ‘Ambassador’

April 21, 2015 Community, Video
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William McMichael hopes to rebuild the image of the prefecture, with much help from Fukushima University students.

Nobou Kano

March 4, 2015 Community, oral history
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Nobou Kano, 58, from Namie was diagnosed with heart disease from the stress following the tsunami.