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The Camera Guy

April 4, 2015 Community
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Chikara Ara nearly lost everything when the tsunami hit in 2011. Fortunately, he had this camera with him.

Rebuilding Community

April 21, 2015 Community
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Takahashi Kenkichi is head of the Onodai temporary housing district, home to many evacuees of the tsunami.

The Future Teacher

March 6, 2015 Community
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Nanako Imai, a Fukushima University student, shares her experience of the earthquake and how she sees the positives of the disaster.

The Ghost Town

January 20, 2015 Community
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Namie remains a ghost town even three and a half years after the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown.

The Storytellers

January 21, 2015 Community
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Women from Tomioka share what happened, before, during, and after the disaster.