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Renewing Energy from Within

April 5, 2015 Community, Feature, Video
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Kaneko Eiko hopes to get people back on their feet and bring joy to their lives by teaching Radio Exercise to those in and out of temporary housing.

The Peach Farmer

April 1, 2015 Feature
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Shinichi Katahira, a peach farmer from Fukushima, Japan, stands in front of the peach trees in his orchard. Katahira had to decontaminate his land after the Fukushima power plant explosion, and has to take his fruit to a food monitoring center in order to determine the food's safety before he can sell them at the market. August 13, 2014. Photo by Gavin McIntyre

The battle to save Fukushima’s most famous fruit. If there’s one thing that Fukushima is famous for, it’s peaches.